Upholstery Cleaning

How clean is the furniture in your home?

When you purchase furniture, you plan to keep it for years– maybe even decades– right? But when furniture becomes dingy, worn, or acquires holes, you may need to replace it earlier than you’d planned. With professional upholstery cleaning, furniture maintains a clean, fresh appearance– even after years of use. Dirt and dust are transferred to furniture each time someone sits, and that debris wears down the fabric of your furniture over time, leading to a dull appearance and eventually wearing holes through the fabric. Clean furniture reduces the germs on the fabric your family touches regularly and extends the life of your furniture. Consider a professional cleaning for your sectional, sofa, chair, ottoman, loveseat, and other well-loved furniture pieces to keep them looking new for many years.

Upholstery cleaning in Longview, Kelso, Kalama, Woodland, Castle Rock, Silverlake, Toutle and Cathlamet, WA and Rainier and Clatskanie, OR

No matter the fabric on your upholstery, A+ Carpet Cleaning has the experience to remove stains and refresh your furniture. We have experience with leather, microfiber, nylon, linen, cotton, wool, hemp, and more.

Fiber assessment

Every upholstery clean begins with a fiber assessment in order to safely clean your upholstery without causing damage. Cleaning methods for leather furniture vary greatly compared to methods for cleaning microfiber. We take great pride in our varied toolkit of cleaning products so we’re prepared to deep-clean any type of furniture using the best method possible.

Spot treatment

Your couch may hold memories of football games cheered from atop its cushions, game nights with friends, and holiday parties-- but it shouldn’t hold the stains. We start with a fabric-tailored spot treatment of any tough stains for the best chance of leaving your couch spot-free.

Dirt and allergen extraction

Over time and with use, furniture becomes embedded with debris from dropped food particles or transferred from clothing and pets. A+ Carpet Cleaning uses high-powered cleaning tools to extract dirt and allergens from the hard-to-reach creases of your upholstered furniture. With our high-powered vacuums, dust and dirt don’t stand a chance!

Hot water extraction cleaning

For some types of furniture, the traditional hot water extraction method (also known as a steam clean) is used to penetrate deep into your upholstery and remove deep-set stains and embedded dirt and dust. When the hot water is extracted, so are the stains, allergens, and debris. After using this method to clean upholstery, the furniture will be dry within two to six hours.

Book an upholstery cleaning with A+ Carpet Cleaning

Protect your well-loved furniture for years to come with a professional upholstery cleaning by A+ Carpet Cleaning. More than just carpet specialists, we’ve perfected the art of restoring furniture to its like-new condition. Upholstery cleaning protects your family by removing the dust, dirt, and allergens that can make them sick while leaving your furniture looking fresh and smelling great. Get in touch with us today to discuss your upholstery cleaning needs. We’ll assess the fabric of your furniture and make a plan to clean each item according to best practices. You and your family spend lots of time sitting on your furniture– make sure it’s clean!