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Why is tile and grout cleaning and sealing so important?

Over time, dirt and bacteria work their way into the tile and grout in your home, leaving it discolored and with a film of grime. Even with regular mopping, sweeping, and scrubbing, stains penetrate the floor and you may not even notice the gradual shift in color. Grout is porous, soaking in moisture and stains, resulting in an unsightly grey appearance. Tile Cleaning Kelso WA attracts a buildup of grime, detracting from that new-tile shine. Restore your tile and grout to a like-new appearance with a grout and tile cleaning longview WA by A+ Carpet Cleaning


Grout and tile cleaning in Longview, Kelso, Kalama, Woodland, Castle Rock, Silverlake, Toutle and Cathlamet, WA and Rainier and Clatskanie, OR

From high-trafficked entryways to humid bathrooms, we’ll assess your situation and make a plan for the most effective way to clean your tile and grout. A+ Carpet Cleaning uses cleaning products that are tough enough to banish stains, yet gentle enough to maintain the integrity of your floor without causing damage or erosion. After each cleaning, we offer sealant services to protect against dirt and bacteria, so your floor stays clean and bright longer.

Tile Cleaning Kelso Wa

We have experience cleaning cement, epoxy, and furan grouts. A+ Carpet Cleaning knows tile, and we take care to use products made specifically for the best care of your tile, including marble, terrazzo, porcelain, slate, ceramic, travertine, and limestone tiles.

Tile Cleaning Longview Wa


If you like to cook, it’s inevitable your floors have seen a spill or two. Even if you clean spills immediately, stains can seep into porous grout. Keep your kitchen clean, healthy, and safe for food preparation by scheduling regular professional cleanings of the grout and tile in your kitchen. After we’re through, the floor will be so clean, you’ll be able to eat off of it (although we recommend sticking to the kitchen table)!

Entryway + Hallways

The entryway and hallways of your home are highly trafficked, and most likely to exhibit wear and tear from dirty, wet shoes and contaminants from outside. Our powerful machinery is able to penetrate deep into the floors of your home to remove the bacteria and grime a simple scrubbing is unable to fix.


Even with proper ventilation, bathrooms are a haven for humidity and excess moisture. A+ Carpet Cleaning’s professional and thorough cleaning services of tiles and grout ensure you can relax and breathe easy in a freshly-cleaned bathroom.

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If your tile and grout are looking dingy and discolored, it’s time to call in the experts. A+ Carpet Cleaning has nearly two decades’ experience returning floors to a like-new shine. Bacteria can hide in the floors you walk on every day, but we can deep clean it to create a safer, healthier environment for your family. Call us to discuss your specific concerns and we’ll work together to create a proposal to bring your tile and grout to a bright, clean brilliance that’s sealed to stay that way.