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Are you embarrassed to invite friends to your home because of a bad odor?

When a person walks into a home, the smell is often the first thing they’ll notice. Freshly cooked meals, baking cookies, or a cozy candle exude warmth and welcome. On the other hand, pet odors and stale smoke can assault the nasal cavities– even causing allergy or asthma attacks in severe cases. Thankfully, there’s hope for even the worst-smelling homes and cars with enzyme-based odor removal services.

Odor removal in Longview, Kelso, Kalama, Woodland, Castle Rock, Silverlake, Toutle and Cathlamet, WA and Rainier and Clatskanie, OR

If stale smoke, urine, or other pet odors are the first things you (or your guests) notice when walking through the front door, it’s time to call in professional help. Odors permeate the floors, walls, and furniture in your home, and room sprays, diffusers, and plug-in air fresheners mask the scent without addressing the root cause. A+ Carpet Cleaning banishes odors at the source, using an enzyme cleaner to break down odors in order to remove malodorous scents instead of just masking them.

Pet odor removal

Most of us can’t imagine life without our pets. There’s a reason dogs are called “man’s best friend,” and we love bringing them into our lives, our homes, and even our beds! While you likely wouldn’t change anything about your four-legged friend, you would probably love to remove the odors your best friend brings into your house. We think the only time you should be able to smell your pet is when you’re cuddling them-- not from the moment you walk through the front door. Let us help you get back to the joys of pet ownership by removing the stinky side. We’ll target the areas where unpleasant pet odors seep into your home and remove them where they start.

Urine odor removal

Despite the self-cleaning efforts of cats, the smell of their litter boxes infiltrate the surrounding area, and potty-training always has a few bumps along the road. If your dog, cat, or child is responsible for an accident or two on the carpet, A+ Carpet Cleaning has you covered! With almost 20 years’ experiene eliminating all kinds of odors from the carpet, we’re pros at urine odor removal. Stop attempting DIY removal and trust the experts with the equipment for a thorough removal of urine odors the first time.

Smoke odor removal

The chemicals in tobacco smoke create a residue that sticks to walls, carpets, and furniture, making it nearly impossible to remove on your own. You may have tried covering the scent with products designed to mask the scent of tobacco smoke with pleasing smells that are stronger than the smoke. As you know, those products are just a bandaid for the root issue. A+ Carpet Cleaning addresses smoke odors on the molecular level, using an enzyme-based cleaner to neutralize and remove the odor for good. Removing the odor caused by tobacco smoke is a step toward better lung health, because a smoke-free home is a healthy home.

Book an odor removal with A+ Carpet Cleaning

If you’re worried that your home’s scent causes guests to feel less than welcome, it’s time to bring in the professional odor removers. A+ Carpet Cleaning addresses odors at the root, leaving your home with a neutral, pleasant scent. From smoke to urine to pet odors, and any other unpleasant smells, we’re experienced at eliminating odors.

Give us a call to discuss your concerns, and we’ll work with you to create a plan tailored to the cause of your home’s unpleasant scent.