Hardwood & Laminate Cleaning

Is sweeping and mopping enough to keep my hardwood and laminate floors clean?

Regular sweeping and moppings are an easy way to keep hardwood and laminate flooring much cleaner than carpet, but even hardwood floors need professional cleaning. The cracks in between floorboards are a great hiding spot for dirt, dust, hair, allergens, pet dander, and other debris, and over time cleaning products can cause a buildup of residue on your hardwood and laminate floors. In order to preserve the hardwood and laminate flooring and prolong its life, deep cleans, and polishes are imperative.

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The cracks and crevices in hardwood and laminate flooring add character and charm to your home, but it also invites a buildup of hair, dust, and bacteria. Regular sweeping and mopping can lodge the dirt and grime more deeply between the floorboards. Our high-powered cleaning tools are able to remove even the toughest buildup of dirt and residue. After your hardwood flooring is clean, we polish the floor to restore its original shine and protect against future spills, dirt, and dust.

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Hardwood floor cleaning

Have you ever taken a close look at the spaces in between your hardwood floorboards? The minuscule space can harbor dust, hair, pet dander, allergens, and dirt. No matter how many times you sweep or clean, you’re never able to fully clean the spaces in between-- in fact, the act of sweeping just pushes more debris between each board. Our cleaning techniques aggressively extract dirt without harming the hardwood floors by using water or harsh chemicals. After the debris is removed and the flooring is clean and shiny, we’ll polish the floor to protect it from future damage and dirt.

Laminate floor cleaning

While laminate floors may look like hardwood, the cleaning method and products used vary slightly. Improper products and techniques can cause laminate floors to lift, warp, and peel, ruining its appearance beyond repair. Our years of expertise mean we know exactly which products and techniques to use to keep your laminate flooring looking like-new, even after years of heavy use. Trust us with your laminate floors, and we’ll work to heal scuff marks, remove debris, and restore your laminate flooring to its original beauty.

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Your home’s hardwood flooring may be over 100 years old. Ensure it lasts another 100 by booking a professional clean with A+ Carpet Cleaning. More than just carpets, we’re the experts that clients in Cowlitz County, WA have trusted with their floors for nearly 20 years. Keep your hardwood and laminate floors beautiful, shiny, and germ-free with a professional clean. Contact us today to set up a hardwood or laminate floor cleaning at your home!