Carpet Stain Removal Guide

Carpet Stain Removal Guide

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While there is no substitute for a powerful truck mounted steam clean with hot water extraction. We realize it’s not always necessary to call a professional cleaner for one or two small stains. Especially in these tough economic times and that’s why we have provided some tried and true home remedies to get out those tough stains with ordinary products most people have at home.


 Although these stain removal procedures have been tried and tested, you do run the risk of color loss if you do not thoroughly rinse out and extract anything applied to your carpet. Feel free to call us if your problem is not listed we love to help!

 All Purpose Stain Removal Solutions


Windex :
Windex removes most stains from carpet, but it does contain ammonia which can bleach carpet if left on it too long. So rinse thoroughly with hot water and extract.

Shaving Cream:
Shaving cream works wonders on many stains when nothing else is available.
Old Stains:
Mix together two tablespoons of vinegar and one quart of warm water.
Water Soluble & Grease Stains:
A mixture of 50/50 water and ammonia with a few drops of liquid soap. Don’t let the solution stay on the carpet long, have a wet/dry shop vac ready to extract the solution after scrubbing. Next rinse carpet thoroughly with water and extract again. Repeat until stain is gone.
Gum in Carpet:
Use WD-40 or lighter fluid to loosen the gum before trying to remove it then clean thoroughly with water and a shop vac.
  *Peanut Butter can be used also, but it can leave a stain!
Nail Polish and Ink Stains:
Spray hairspray on the Stain then blot with paper towel. CAUTION some ink stains will get bigger if there is a large amount of ink that has went into the carpet pad!
Mud, Red Lipstick, or Pastel Chalk:
A bar of soap works well on these carpet stains and if you can find an organic bar of soap sometimes you will have even better results.
WD-40 works great at dissolving tar so does eucalyptus oil. Do not use eucalyptus oil on olefin carpet!
Pet Stains:
Start by placing a diaper or towel over the stain then place something heavy on it. After a few minutes sprinkle with baking soda, then vacuum with a shop vac. Next use an all purpose stain releaser on the stain. Recipes can be found on our website. Finally flood the stain with rubbing alcohol to kill bacteria that forms in the carpet which produces the bad smell. We do rent out ozone machines that kill mold, pet odors, and especially cigarette smoke odors.
Coffee, Tea, and More:
Soda water can remove some of these tough stains. As always rinse with hot water and extract with a shop vac.
Cat and Dog Vomit:
After blotting up most of the mess with a towel or rag sprinkle the area with salt and cover it with a damp cloth then leave it on for several hours.

Grease Stains:
Lemon juice, Paint thinner, mineral spirits, or pinesol works well along with a good rinse and you guessed it extract with a shop vac.
Candle Wax:
First remove as much wax by hand or scrape as much as possible. Credit cards work well! Next place a piece of brown paper bag or a wet towel over the wax and place a warm NOT HOT iron on the bag the heat will draw the wax into the bag. This takes a long time but works. DO NOT use paper with ink on it. Also DO NOT leave the iron on the carpet too long. Any residual can be removed with WD-40.
Blood Stains:
First blot with a towel or rag. Next neutralize the stain with a solution of ½ cup of cool water and 1 tablespoon of clear ammonia. Next try to use 1 quart of cool water with ¼ teaspoon of dish soap. If stain persists use hydrogen peroxide on it then let set for 5 minutes with a towel over it and a brick on top to provide pressure. Rinse with cool water thoroughly after each application.
As with anything these tips are not going to work 100% of the time, but they will work the majority of the time. Patience is the key ingredient of any problem. If in doubt about your particular style of carpet give us a call at 360-578-2439. From our family to yours Thanks for coming to our website!!
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