Carpet Cleaning tips from a pro

Carpet Cleaning tips from a pro

Pet urine removal

While we love our pets, we certainly don’t love when they have accidents on the carpet. Removing urine stains and odors from your carpet requires a two-step process. The first step is getting rid of the spot and the second step is getting rid of the odor. Learning how to get dog and cat urine smells and stains is as easy as using common household ingredients or using our professional grade cleaning products


When it comes to lifting the urine spot out of carpet, it’s important to act fast so it doesn’t permanently set into a stain. Cleaning it from carpet can be especially tricky since urine begins as a strong acid but crystallizes and becomes alkaline over time. Thankfully, our tips and tricks make the cleanup much easier. Try out these methods for removing the urine spot from your carpet.

To clean the urine spot (and odor) from carpet with household ingredients, here’s what you need and the step-by-step to clean:

  • Clean white towels – We always recommend using white towels for cleaning so there’s no color transfer when blotting.
  • Hydrogen peroxide 3% – This is a mild alternative to chlorine bleach that helps kill germs while being safe on fabric. Because it’s an oxidizing agent, this makes it effective for helping to break down stains and destroy odor-causing bacteria. Finally, we recommend hydrogen peroxide 3% because there’s potential for color loss if a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide is used.
  • Empty spray bottles – For safe practice, always make sure spray bottles are clean and clear of any other residue before using.
  • Liquid dishwashing detergent – This also helps lift spots from carpet and other fabric.
  • Cold water
  • White vinegar – White vinegar breaks down the uric acid in urine to help remove the spot and odor.
  1. Use Hydrogen Peroxide – Start by filling an empty spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide 3%. Spray the stain. You can also pour directly onto the carpet if you don’t have a spray bottle. Let sit until it dries. 
  2. Blot All You Can – Using a clean towel, absorb as much of the liquid as you can before it penetrates the carpet pad or subflooring.
  3. Create Cleaning Solution & Blot – Then, mix a solution using 2 cups of water and 1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap in an empty spray bottle. Spray the area with the solution. Then, allow it to sit for 1-2 minutes. Blot with a white towel. Repeat blotting as needed.
  4. Rinse with Cold Water – Next, you’ll want to flush the area with clean cold water and blot with as much pressure as you can until it is dry.
  5. Flush with White Vinegar & Blot – Finally, flush the area once more, but this time with white vinegar. Blot up as much of the vinegar as you can. Be sure to let the area dry completely before walking on it.

To clean with our easy-to-use spot remover, here’s what you need and the step-by-by to clean:

  • Stanley Steemer Spot Remover – Since our cleaner has a neutral pH level, it’s safe to use carpet. It’s also effective to treat wicking spots, which are spots that reappear after a carpet has dried.
  • Clean white towels – White towels are also good at showing how much of the urine is being lifted.
  • Water
  1. Blot All You Can – Before using our solution, blot up as much of the urine as you can using a fresh, white towel.
  2. Spray Our Solution – Use Stanley Steemer Spot remover first, shake well and turn spray nozzle to open. Spray on spot until wet.
  3. Let Solution Sit & Blot – Let sit for 2-4 minutes, then blot up with a clean, white towel moving from the outer edges of the stain inward.
  4. Rinse & Blot Dry – Rinse the affected area with clean water and once again, blot the area with another white, absorbent towel.
  5. Repeat – Repeat the steps above as needed until stain lifted.
  6. Dry – Let the area of carpet dry before walking over. 


Once the stain is lifted, you certainly don’t want to wait long for the odor to linger. For a simple solution, here’s how to use our Odor Out Plus for removing pet urine smell out of carpet.

For getting the urine stench out of carpet, here’s what you need and the step-by-step to remove:

  • Stanley Steemer Odor Out Plus – This solution uses natural bacterial enzyme action to digest organic odor sources like urine. This eliminates the odor at the source rather than masking it with fragrances. It also uses a pairing agent to give immediate relief from any odors while the enzyme is working into the carpet.
  • Clean white towels
  • Water
  1. Make Sure Area is Dry – Before applying this deodorizing solution, make sure the spot you’re treating is dry.
  2. Spray Our Solution – Next, shake our Odor Out Plus well and liberally apply directly onto the affected area. 
  3. Press Into Carpet – After applying onto the carpet, press the solution into the carpet fibers using a towel. 
  4. Keep Area Moist – Keep the solution moist over the carpet for at least 24 hours. You can do this by covering the treated area with a slightly damp cloth.
  5. Dry – Finally, after the solution sits for 24 hours, let the carpet successfully dry before walking over.

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17 Carpet Cleaning Hacks That Can Save Your Carpet

Want to turn a house in a home? Deck all the floors in carpets. It’s warm on your feet during winter and nothing beats a carpet’s softness during summer when you walk around barefoot. You’re welcome to lie on it next to a heater or fireplace with a book and it’s quite comfortable when you make a pillow fort. Carpets give you the makings of a true home and because they are such a long term purchase, their maintenance far exceeds the mere weekly vacuum runs we make. But we’re here to give you 17 carpet cleaning hacks to keep your carpeting pristine.

#1: Lint Roller to the Rescue

Have you had the sensation that no matter how hard you vacuum, there’s just crud, crumbs as well as hairs that your vacuum cleaner can’t handle? This is a common issue you have to deal with when you own long-hair carpets and even the most powerful vacuum cleaner can’t clean the fibers to a higher standard.

The solution is to purchase a lint roller for those problematic areas and put some elbow grease until you collect all the stubborn particles. Depending on the carpet type, you might not spend more than five minutes total per carpet.

#2: Eliminate Pet Hair with a Squeegee

Pet hair is notoriously difficult to remove with just a vacuum cleaner. Lint rollers might also not be quite useful as we’re talking about cleaning the whole surface area and with some pets, shedding might be overwhelming. If your carpet has very short hairs, then you’re all set with the trusty squeegee.

The squeegee might be intended for windows, but its design is made to dislodge gunk, frost and other substances that form thin layers and stick to a surface – exactly like pet hair on a short-hair carpet. Water the squeegee and just use it as if you would on a window.

#3: Remove Stains with an Iron

Stain removal has tested the willpower and intelligence of homeowners since carpets became the thing you own to tie a room together and you’ll encounter several schools of thought on the matter. The one we present right now is a three-step process.

First, you vacuum the stained area to get rid of hard particles and leave you focusing only on the stains at hand. This is crucial prep work.

Second, treat the spots with a mixture of water and vinegar with a ratio of 3:1. You need to let this mixture to work its way into the stained textile. Five minutes should be enough.

Three, place a towel on top of the stained area and apply a heated iron. The pressure and the heat cause for the stain to be transferred into the towel much like a reverse temporary water tattoo.

#4: Always Rub, Never Blot

It’s an instinct to rub dirt away. You do it when you polish shoes, wash dishes, even when a stain persists on sheets, but with carpets, rubbing leads to spreading. There’s also a high chance you might work the stain into the fabric – the surest way to permanent discoloration. No matter what cleaning solution you use, please be aware that only blotting wishes the stain away as you’re applying pressure on the spot that leads to liquid being absorbed into the cloth or sponge. Another way to protect carpet fiber is to pay attention to what direction you blot in. Blotting inwards from outside the stain ensures the stain doesn’t spread further.

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