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Once your carpets are clean, make sure they stay clean

Did you know that most carpets and fabrics are pre-treated by the manufacturers to reduce permanent staining in the case of spills? While that’s great news for new furniture and carpet, over time, wear and tear break down that protective barrier leading to the likelihood of permanent staining. A+ Carpet Cleaning applies a new layer of carpet protectant to give you peace of mind and ensure your carpet stays looking cleaner, longer.

Carpet protectant application in Longview, Kelso, Kalama, Woodland, Castle Rock, WA and Rainier and Clatskanie, OR

Murphy’s Law states that “anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” And Murphy’s Law certainly rings true when a glass of red wine is accidentally spilled on a freshly cleaned carpet. While that would usually mean a call to the carpet cleaners for a retouch, it’s no big deal if you use a carpet protectant. The specially formulated technology prevents liquid and oil-based spills from seeping into the carpet, giving you time to wipe up stains before they set.

How it works

When a liquid is spilled on carpet, the fibers-- like a sponge-- begin to absorb the liquid. Instead of wiping off the spill, you’ll have to extract the stain from the actual fiber. Carpet protectant coats those fibers, preventing them from absorbing liquid spills and repelling dirt from embedding itself into the base of the carpet. Think of carpet protectant as an insurance policy for your floor-- you won’t notice it until you need it, but when a spill happens, you’ll be glad it’s there!

Benefits of using a carpet protectant

Not only does carpet protectant give you more time to clean spills before permanent damage is done, it offers several other benefits as well. Carpet protectant shields your carpet from fading due to sun exposure and decreases the wear and tear from soil embedded in carpet fibers.

Safe for the family

A+ Carpet Cleaning uses products that are safe for the whole family-- the two-legged and four-legged family members. Our carpet protectant is non-toxic, so you can feel good about protecting your family while protecting your carpet from spills and soil.

Book a carpet protectant application with A+ Carpet Cleaning

Don’t you love the feeling of plush carpet between your toes after a professional carpet clean? We recommend adding carpet protectant to freshly cleaned carpets every 12 to 24 months to keep that squeaky-clean feeling for even longer. When applied directly after a hot water extraction or VLM (very low moisture) clean, you can make your investment go further when you add a dirt and spill barrier to your carpet.

Get in touch today to talk about adding a carpet protectant application when you book a carpet cleaning. The freshly cleaned appearance of your carpet will last longer, and you can feel good about making a decision that will benefit the health of those you love.