Why your carpets need professional cleaning

Many people think that a regular vacuum cleaning is all their carpeting needs to stay fresh and clean looking. However, while most home vacuum systems are great at cleaning dust and dirt, they are not as good as removing ground in dirt that accumulates over time.  Left untended, this grime simply builds up in your […]
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Pet accidents on area rugs

Pet activity may happen on your favorite rugs this season. Guests in the home, or you away from home, restless pets can end up doing things they should not. With an inexpensive tufted rug, this can be a blessing because it is protecting a much more valuable wood floor underneath it. With an oriental rug […]
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Carpet Stain Removal Guide

Hello Friends, While there is no substitute for a powerful truck mounted steam clean with hot water extraction. We realize it’s not always necessary to call a professional cleaner for one or two small stains. Especially in these tough economic times and that’s why we have provided some tried and true home remedies to get […]
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