Carpet Cleaning

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A+ Carpet & Furniture Cleaning   360-578-2439   Whether it be from a pet, dirt, smoke, mildew, or other odor, you need to: Prevent it Identify it Fix it Before it’s too late! Rug and carpet odors can come from a variety of sources and often we might not notice them until they get unbearable and we don’t know what to do about it! Here are a few tips to prevent odors from developing, identify them if they occur and what steps to take in order to eliminate them. Prevent it: Sometimes it is inevitable, life happens and your rug ends up with a mysterious odor but taking steps to prevent it can save headaches later. Be careful for food or drinks on the counters and tables because a small spill can contribute to causing an odor on your rug or carpet. If there happens to be a spill make sure you clean it as soon as possible to avoid left over residue that could cause harmful bacteria to grow.  If you recently encountered water damage, a pipe leakage, indoor flooding or any type of water damage your rug or carpet can be severely affected if not cared for properly. You must take the necessary steps to ensure your rug is fully dried. Water left in the rug can cause bacteria to grow and can lead to mold or mildew. This is also true for snow this time of year – make sure that you are not leaving your rug or carpet wet from the snow that is coming in from the outside! If you have a pet they can cause many of the odors as well. A precaution you can take is to clean any mud or dirt that may be on your pet’s paws after outdoor activities. If your pet has had an accident, take the necessary steps to thoroughly clean the soiled areas to avoid bacteria growth which causes unwanted odors.  Identify it: It can be difficult to identify an odor, but through process of elimination, you can have an idea of what the odor might be. Ask yourselves these questions, to have an idea of what might be causing a certain odor. Do you have pets? Are they allowed around the carpeted area? After outdoor activities do they come in contact with a rug or carpet? Over time has your pet had accidents on the rug or carpet? No pets- Was there any food or beverage that spilled on the rug or carpet? How long was it there for? How well was it cleaned up? Do you have children who might walk into carpeted areas with their sneakers on? Was there any water or smoke damage that might have occurred near or on the rug or carpet? What was done to dry up the water? Fix it: Carpets and rugs capture odors and hold onto them. However, these odors can be removed, and the time and effort will depend largely on the type and intensity of the odor. If the odor is strong, be prepared to have an expert spend some time removing the odors from your carpet or rug. When possible, adding fresh air always helps to expedite the process. Tweeds Rug and Carpet Cleaning can gently and safely eliminate most offensive odors caused by mildew, pets, smoke and other causes. If your rugs have an odor problem, ask us about our cleaning and deodorizing processes.     A + Carpet & Furniture Cleaning 2431 Mcatee Drive Longview WA 98632   Serving Cowlitz county Washington Columbia county Oregon Kalama Kelso Castlerock Castle rock Vader Rose Valley Columbia Heights Toledo Lexington Rainier Cathlamet Clatskanie  ...

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Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning Longview and Kelso WA

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Which Cleaner is Best For You? Read Vacuum and Steam Cleaner Reviews and compare prices at Consumer Guide Products before you buy. Vacuuming is where most people start when maintaining their carpeting. That, then, is where we’ll start this article on carpet-cleaning tips. But it isn’t where the article will end. We’ll present all sorts of guidelines for cleaning, removing stains, and dealing with various other problems.   For now, though, we’ll get to the basics: Carpets need to be vacuumed once a week and more often in areas of heavy traffic. Frequent vacuuming prolongs the life of your carpet by preventing a buildup of gritty particles that can cut carpet fibers. Every few weeks, take a little extra time and use your crevice tool for cleaning around baseboards and radiators and in other hard-to-reach places. To vacuum wall-to-wall carpeting, divide the floor into quadrants and vacuum an entire quadrant before moving on to the next. Take your time when you vacuum a carpet, especially a plush carpet in which dirt is sure to be deeply embedded. One pass with a high-powered upright is not enough. Go over each section of carpeting several times, and work slowly to allow the suction to remove all the ground-in dust and dirt. Pay special attention to the areas where people sit and move their feet. Vacuum these areas of heavy traffic with a crisscross pattern of overlapping strokes. Soil retardants can be applied to new carpets or to newly cleaned carpets. Follow manufacturers’ advice. Apply soil retardants only with professional equipment using the recommended application techniques. Add baking soda to the bag in your vacuum to fight odors. Odors are one thing — spots and spills are quite another. Spots and spills happen to just about every carpet and can be difficult to remove. In the next section, we’ll offer some pointers for getting rid of those blemishes.   Professional carpet steam cleaning by a licensed business with years of experience will yield best results.  Call A+ Carpet Cleaning located at 2431 Mcatee Drive Longview WA 98632. 360-578-2439 we serve Cowlitz county, Whakiakum county Clark county, Cathlamet WA Kalama WA Kelso WA Rainier OR Woodland WA and...

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Carpet steam cleaning tips, tricks and secrets make keeping your carpets clean easier.

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Most carpets are stain-resistant, meaning that the manufacturer has treated them to reduce staining. However, no carpet is stain-proof. Over time, the carpet’s fibers trap dirt, oils and bacteria, which can discolor the material and cause unpleasant odors and stains. Use a few tips, tricks and secrets to steam clean your carpets, as needed, and then keep them cleaner longer with some simple suggestions for the whole family. Tips Test a hidden area of your carpet, such as inside a closet, before using an extra-strength or homemade steam-cleaning product to make sure that it does not burn the carpet or lift the color. Steam cleaning is hard work. There’s a lot of back and forth movement and bending; you’ll also be lifting and carrying buckets to empty and refill the dirty and clean water — don’t forget to stretch before, during and after this physically demanding chore. Contact the manufacturer of your steam cleaner to ask for recommended or non-chemical cleaning solutions. If you venture out on your own and use homemade concoctions or non-recommended solutions, they could void the cleaner’s warranty. Tricks Loose dirt and grime hides in carpeting. Vacuum the floors before you set to work with the steam cleaner. By running the vacuum cleaner slowly and repeatedly over one area at a time, you will reduce the amount of dirt or “mud” pushed through the carpet by the steam cleaning process. As a metter of course, blot stains as they happen; club soda or a mixture of one part white vinegar with three parts water remove colorful stains, such as red wine, pop and juice. Secrets Sometimes the simplest cleaning solutions are right under your nose — or, in this case, right out of the tap or inside of the kitchen cupboard. Because steam already reduces or destroys most bacteria, pure water may be all you require to freshen your rugs. Use baking soda to remove odors and stains: dissolve 1-tsp baking soda in a cup of water to pour on pet stains or other smelly messes before steam cleaning. Don’t steam clean on humid summer days or cold winter days. On warm, dry days, you will be able to dry the carpeting and air out the space. This avoids an overly steamy home by opening windows. Keeping Your Carpets Clean Just as there are many tips, tricks and secrets for steam cleaning carpets, there are also lots of ideas and ways to keep them clean longer. The longer your carpets stay clean, the less often you will have to drag out the steam cleaner. Set doormats at every entryway and ensure that everyone wipes by hanging a friendly — or cheesy — sign as a reminder; “Please be Sweeties and Wipe Your Feeties.” Even if family members occasionally forget to wipe, the mats will catch some of the dirt as they walk over them. Vacuum thoroughly at least twice a week by running a strong-suction vacuum cleaner with a rotating power head over the floors. Have all family members remove their shoes at the door. You can keep slippers available at the door for everyone, including guests.   A+ Carpet & Furniture Cleaning LongviewWA98632...

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10 Carpet Cleaning tips

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Despite your best efforts at cleanliness, your carpet will eventually become the victim of drops, spills, accidents, and whatever’s on the bottom of your shoes. To learn how professionals handle problem areas and keep carpets looking new, we have this input from a cleaning expert. 1 Blot Stains, Don’t Rub Them Dab stains with a cleaning solution and a clean cloth, paper towels, or a sponge. “The key is blotting. Blotting puts a small amount of pressure on the stain to soak it up, Rubbing causes the particles to get ground into the carpet fibers, and this can lead to the premature breakdown of those fibers.” Always blot from the outside of the stain inward, as blotting outward can spread the stain. 2 The Club Soda Process You may have heard that club soda is effective against beer and wine stains. It’s true—if you use it correctly. Blot the area with the soda on a cloth. If that doesn’t work, mix one part white vinegar with one part water and pour it into a handheld sprayer. Spray the solution on the entire stained area and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes to soak in. Then press a clean sponge onto the area to soak up the solution and the stain. You may have to repeat this process to eradicate the stain. Once the stain is gone, rinse the spot with warm water. Use your hand to brush the carpet strands into their natural direction. Finally, lay white paper towels over the area and weigh them down with something heavy, like a phone book. The towels will absorb the dampness from the carpet. Leave the towels in place until the carpet is dry, usually about one day. 3 Try Shaving Cream The best carpet cleaner for general stains is ordinary shaving cream—”It will remove just about every type of stain.” Apply the shaving cream directly to the stain and let it set for about 30 minutes, Tarbox says. Once the shaving cream has set, blot it away with a dry white cloth. Finish by spraying the area with one part vinegar mixed with one part water and then wiping away the solution with a cloth.   4 Freeze-Dried Gum You step in chewing gum out on the street but don’t realize it until you tracked that gross, sticky mess onto your carpet. To get it out, head to the freezer and grab a couple of ice cubes. “Freeze the gum with ice cubes for about 30 seconds. Once the gum is frozen solid, use a spoon to lift up the glob and cut the strands of carpet as close to the gum as possible. If you cut only a small amount of carpet, the spot shouldn’t be noticeable. 5 Dishwasher Detergent vs Grease The best method against difficult-to-clean grease stains is to use a drop or two of a grease-cutting dishwashing detergent, such as Joy, in a cup of water. It’ll cut through the grease in the carpet just the way it does on your dishes. “Put the solution in a spray bottle and spray it on the stain,t hen blot it up.” Again, you may need to do this multiple times for larger stains. 6 Heat Wax Burning candles in the house can result in wax dripping onto the carpet, where it quickly dries and gets embedded. We recommend heating it back up to remove it. Place a white cloth over your iron, then put the iron on top of the wax to warm it up. Finally, scrape off the wax with a butter knife. “When you are done doing that, lay a paper towel over the surface area and iron on the paper, “The wax is melting and binds to the paper, and the wax will be gone after a few more applications.” Important note: Don’t use the iron this way for more than 30 seconds or you risk burning the carpet. And be sure to use a white cloth and white towels since colored ones can transfer the color onto the carpet when heated up, especially if you have a light-colored carpet....

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Pet Accidents

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How to clean carpeted areas and upholstery For “new” stains (those that are still wet): Soak up as much of the urine as possible with a combination of newspaper and paper towels. The more fresh urine you can remove before it dries, especially from carpet, the easier it will be to remove the odor. Place a thick layer of paper towels on the wet spot, and cover that with a thick layer of newspaper. If possible, put newspaper under the soiled area as well. Stand on this padding for about a minute. Remove the padding, and repeat the process until the area is barely damp. If possible, put the fresh, urine-soaked paper towel in the area where it belongs—your cat’s litter box or your dog’s designated outdoor “bathroom area.” This will help remind your pet that eliminating isn’t a “bad” behavior as long as it’s done in the right place. Rinse the “accident zone” thoroughly with clean, cool water. After rinsing, remove as much of the water as possible by blotting or by using a wet vac. For stains that have already set: Consider renting an extractor or wet vac to remove all traces of heavy stains in carpeting (get one from a local hardware store). This machine works much like a vacuum cleaner and is efficient and economical. Extracting/wet vac machines do the best job of forcing clean water through your carpet and then forcing the dirty water back out. When you use these machines or cleaners, carefully follow the instructions. Don’t use any chemicals with these machines; they work much better with plain water. Use a high-quality pet odor neutralizer once the area is really clean (available at pet supply stores). Be sure to read and follow the cleaner’s directions for use, including testing the cleaner on a small, hidden portion of fabric first to be sure it doesn’t stain. Try any good carpet stain remover if the area still looks stained after it’s completely dry from extracting and neutralizing. Avoid using steam cleanersto clean urine odors from carpet or upholstery. The heat will permanently set the stain and the odor by bonding the protein into any man-made fibers. Avoid using cleaning chemicals, especially those with strong odors such as ammonia or vinegar. From your pet’s perspective, these don’t effectively eliminate or cover the urine odor and may actually encourage your pet to reinforce the urine scent mark in that area. Neutralizing cleaners won’t work until you’ve rinsed every trace of the old cleaner from the carpet if you’ve previously used cleaners or chemicals of any kind on the area. Even if you haven’t used chemicals recently, any trace of a non-protein-based substance will weaken the effect of the enzymatic cleaner. The cleaner will use up its “energy” on the old cleaners, instead of on the protein stains you want removed. Your job will be more difficult if urine has soaked down into the padding underneath your carpet. In some cases, you may need to take the drastic step of removing and replacing that portion of the carpet and padding. A+ Carpet & Furniture Cleaning Longview WA 98632 ...

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How to clean up spilled candle wax!!

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A flattering glow from candles can quickly turn into a hot waxy mess on your carpets. If you had a good time on Valentine’s Day, chances are you have a mess to clean up. The task of trying to remove candle wax out of your carpet might seem challenging, but here are a few tips and step-by-step instructions that will get you on the road to cleaning up the nasty spill. Things You Will Need – Ice – Waterproof Ziploc Bag – Dull Knife – Paper bag or Clean White Cloth – Cleaning Cloths/Towels – An Iron – Carpet Cleaning Solution (optional) Steps You need to immediately start cleaning up the spill as soon as possible; doing this will make the job of removing all the wax from the carpet fibers much easier on yourself. Take your waterproof Ziploc bag and fill it with ice. The key idea here is to freeze the wax so you can first start scraping up the larger bits. It’s important that the candle wax is not getting wet from condensation or water leaking from the bag, since moisture can potentially make the stain a lot trickier to remove. Take your dull knife and scrape off as much of the candle wax as you possibly can. Now for the next process, you can either use a brown paper bag or a clean white cloth. Take whichever medium you choose to use, and spread it over the stained area. Have the iron plugged in, to ensure it is heated up to the necessary heat level. You want to keep the iron on a low setting to make sure you do not singe the carpet fibers. Begin running the iron over the affected area. As you iron over the candle wax it will start to melt, and should gradually transfer to the warmer surface (which will be the brown paper bag or clean towel). You may have to repeat this step a couple times, and always use a clean, fresh paper bag or towel each time. After you have removed majority of the wax from the carpet, there still might be small remnants of wax left. These small bits are very easy to get rid of. Simply take a hot, damp clean cloth and vigorously rub the leftover stained area. If this does not do the trick, try using a store bought carpet cleaner over the stained area. This cleaning process should help you get rid of that pesky wax stain, and also keep you informed on how to clean up next time a candle spills onto your carpet. A+ Carpet & Furniture Cleaning Longview WA...

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