Carpet Cleaning and tips???

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Carpet cleaners don’t have an easy job. Every job they go to, they have to set up and take down all of their cleaning tools, which likely takes them just about as much time as the actual cleaning. Most carpet cleaners have a tank that they carry around in their van and truck, as well as hundreds of feet of hose that they have to snake through your house. Furthermore, so they can clean every square inch of carpet, they often boost up your furniture on gliders so they can clean every nook and cranny. It’s a long job, and no house is fast or easy.

The standard tip for carpet cleaners is anywhere from $5-$20 per person, but it’s not mandatory and you’ll likely surprise whomever you try to slip some money to. One situation where you shouldn’t tip your carpet cleaner is if you know he or she owns the actual carpet cleaning business. The reason is that if he or she believes your house warrants a higher service fee, they’ll likely let you know and charge you. However, for all other people on the job, use your personal gut-feeling to determine whether or not a tip is warranted. Did your house’s layout make getting the cleaning supplies difficult? Were the stains particularly bad but the cleaner was able to get them out anyway? As with any tipping scenario, if you feel the person went above and beyond and gave you excellent service, tip him or her to let them know you appreciate their work.

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